What Are the Benefits of Visiting a Compounding Chemist?

Compounding chemists have been around for a very long time. Before there were enormous pharmaceutical companies, there were chemists who raised, prepared and compounded ingredients to make medications. The advent of mass-produced drugs drove many out of business, at least until recently. More people are turning to the compounding chemist because of the specialised care and treatment they can offer. What are the benefits of a compounding chemist?

Choose Your Format

Do you loathe taking pills or dislike applying a cream? Compounding chemists have more flexibility in terms of how they present a medication to a patient. If you go with a mass-produced treatment then you will be forced to use it only one way. A compounding chemist can create the same medications in a handful of different formats. Depending on the type of medication, you may have the option of a pill, topical cream or liquid.

Medication Designed for the Patient

Your body has individual needs, which is why some mass-produced medications may not be the best or safest option. Compounding chemists take the time to craft a unique treatment that caters to the needs of individuals. If you have a child who hates the taste of their medicine, the compounding chemist can add a flavor he or she likes to make it easier to take. The taste doesn’t change the effectiveness and the patient is more likely to stick with their dose schedule.

Eliminate Allergy Concerns

Allergies are a big concern for anyone who has them. You simply can’t eliminate a specific ingredient from a mass-produced drug. Compounding chemists can make sure that all allergy concerns are addressed by leaving out anything that might trigger a reaction.

Avoid Unpleasant Side Effects

Side effects are common with many mass-produced medications. If you need a treatment but hate the upset stomach you get after taking the pill, then changing the format may help. The chemist can put it in a topical cream so you can treat pain or other conditions directly and skip the stomach nausea.

Combine Medications into One Dose

If you take multiple medications each day, it can be a hassle to keep track of everything and stay on schedule with your treatment. Compounding chemists can sometimes combine all or some medications into one product. This can also be done with nutritional supplements so you can still get what your body needs without taking multiple pills or liquids.

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