Services at a nail salon

Pretty hands and feet can make a remarkable change in your personality and confidence levels. Most people do pay a lot of attention to the skin, body and hair. But all of it comes to naught if your nails are uncared for. This is where a professional nail salon can come into play. It is indeed interesting that such a nail salon can be found on Higley Road, Gilbert. It is called Polish Nails and like its name promises, you can enjoy a whole range of services here.

What are the services to expect?

Any professional nail salon will of course look after your nails with a fabulous manicure and pedicure. Some salons will also be able to offer you waxing services. As far as your nails are concerned, you can look forward to:

  • Thorough cleaning and polishing
  • Neat trimming and cutting services and finally
  • Application of your favorite nail polish.

You can also make an appointment in case you have a special event to go to. Under such circumstances, you can always tell the beauty experts at a salon about the clothes that you are going to wear. Such a beauty expert will then suggest the right kind of shade as far as any polish is concerned.


It is also worthwhile to note that a professional and well established nail salon will pay a lot of attention to sanitation and disinfection. This will encompass areas such as the:

  • physical space of the salon
  • the products and nail polishes that they use
  • implements such as nail cutters and nail files that will be used on you and even
  • the container and liquid in which you will soak your feet.

A clean surrounding can indeed go a long way in helping you relax while the best of experts come together to give you a manicure and pedicure.


This is an extremely important part of nail care routine in a nail salon. It can involve:

  • shaping of the fingernails
  • hand massages
  • gel overlays and even
  • fixing artificial nails to your fingers if you so desire.


Your feet and toenails can also go through a cleaning and polishing procedure and this is known as a pedicure. It will involve more or less the same things that are done to your hands. You can also look for applications of jeweled or nail art of various kinds.

Interestingly, both manicures and pedicures can go a long way in also enhancing therapeutic and medical health. You could certainly ask for the qualifications and licenses of the experts at the nail salon so you can rest assured that they will conduct their tasks with extreme professionalism and care.

Gel overlays can also be a part of your experience at the nail salon and this will result in giving you some extremely fashionable looking nails and nail extensions as well. This can add an extra dimension to your style when you are stepping out for a party or a casual evening. By coordinating the colors of a nail polish to your outfit, you can indeed ensure that you are the belle of the ball.

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