Pros and Cons of Progesterone Pessaries vs Other Progesterone Application Methods

Progesterone pessaries are drug preparations that are inserted into the vagina or the anus. Before insertion, these pessaries are solid substances that are made to melt as they reach the temperature of the human body. This leads to a slow and gradual absorption into the bloodstream. Some may look at the idea of inserting something inside of their own body and wonder what the pros and cons of progesterone pessaries as opposed to other progesterone application methods may be. We will break down a number of different pros and cons to consider.

Benefit #1 – Adequate concentrations

There are a number of different substances that will only achieve adequate concentrations in the body when you administer them through this route. Because of the absorption through the mucus membranes of the anus or vagina, you are ensuring that the absorption is successful in strong doses.

Benefit #2 – Optimal drug concentration

It is possible to achieve optimal drug concentration without systemic side effects that may occur during intravenous, intramuscular, or oral drug administration. In short, you are taking the necessary medication directly to the source and this is going to be more effective.

Benefit #3 – Direct administration where needed

One of the reasons that progesterone pessaries are successfully is because the medication or hormone preparation is delivered exactly where its maximal effect is needed. The hormones do not need to travel through the skin as with gel applications nor do they have to go through the body with hormone injections.

Benefit #4 – Painless and direct application

One of the benefits of progesterone pessaries is that many women are afraid of receiving hormone injections. It is also possible to insert these progesterone pessaries in the comfort of your own home and leave them in overnight. You do not need to go to a treatment clinic. This makes them a straightforward application method.

Drawback #1 – Some consider it unsanitary

Despite the fact that it is a natural process, some may find that inserting progesterone pessaries themselves is something that they feel uncomfortable with. Despite the fact that most women will quickly get over the initial hesitation, it is still something to consider.

Drawback 2 – The pessary contains additional ingredients

This does not apply to most women but it is important to mention. Because a pessary is made from a dissolvable substance, there is a miniscule chance that the user is allergic to the dissolvable substance itself. A compound chemist would likely be able to alter the medication to the point where the patient could safely use it.

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