Progesterone Pessaries vs. Other Progesterone Medications: The Pros & Cons of the Pessary

Progesterone pessaries are just one way to treat hormone related conditions in the body. Along with the pessary format, there are also creams and oral medications. Many doctors still choose to prescribe the pessary over alternative treatments. The following pros and cons can help you decide if pessaries offer the best delivery system for you.

Cons of Progesterone Pessaries

Some women really dislike the way pessaries are used. The pessary requires the patient to literally insert the bullet shaped medicine in the vagina. Sometimes an applicator is provided, other times this must be done with the bare hands. This can also cause problems for women who find that the version prescribed by their physician doesn’t offer a comfortable fit. Some doctors will try different pessaries to find one that works for the patient.

Progesterone pessaries can also cause a discharge after use.  This is completely normal but can be frustrating for the patient. The pessary works by melting down as it comes in contact with body heat. While the medication is applied, some of the pessary will inevitably leak out and create a messy discharge. Some women combat this by laying on their back for about 30 minutes after administering the pessary. This can help reduce the discharge, but will also add a lot more time onto the insertion process.

Pros of Progesterone Pessaries

So why should any woman want to deal with the headaches of progesterone pessaries? There are a number of potential benefits that can make them well worth the effort. They offer a delivery system that is more direct. In fact they are so effective that some medications can only be administered in high enough concentrations using a pessary.

The list of side effects that come with pessaries are generally shorter than those that come with other progesterone medications, including intravenous, intramuscular and oral types. Fewer side effects is definitely a good thing, especially for women who are already coping with difficult PMS symptoms and other uncomfortable health concerns.

Not only is the pessary more direct, but it also ensures that maximum amounts of the medication gets to where it needs to be. That means you are more likely to get better results because more of the treatment is making it to the areas it needs to reach. Many women find that the progesterone pessary is one of the best progesterone treatments available today.

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